Technical interventions

If you do suffer a machine breakdown or your installation requires a technical intervention you expect speedy and high-quality assistance. With our experts you are in excellent hands because our experienced team will take care of your problem in no time.

What services do we still offer you?

We have experienced employees with the necessary know-how to get the job done for you in a safe and efficient manner. We can support you in the analysis phase, the planning phase, the implementation phase, the production phase and the maintenance phase.

Electrical works

E&M Projects has a solution for just about any electricity issue regarding your machines or your building.

Preventive and regular maintenance

At E&M Projects we make sure that your installations are always in optimum condition. We unburden you in a professional and customer-friendly way.

Machine optimisation and automation

At E&M Projects we like to think along with you by making the right adjustments and carrying out automation works so you can get the most from every installation.

Technical interventions

As a customer you expect timely and efficient assistance whenever you are in need of a technical intervention. That is the benchmark our team strives for every single day.

Industrial relocations

An industrial relocation is no small feat. Our team disconnects, transports, installs, reconnects and tunes up your machine park to get you up and running again in no time.